About Us

Gross’ Orchard is a family owned and operated orchard which has been in business since before the turn of the century. Our specialities are mountain grown peaches and apples. We are located at the foot of the beautiful Peaks of Otter. In the Summer, June 20th – September 15th, we have peaches for you to select from or a U-Pick program if you choose to enjoy. In the fall season we have a great selection of apples for you to choose from at our retail outlet at the edge of the orchard. Fall apples — beginning September 1st. You also have the privilege to participate in our pick your own program. Our peach and apple trees are well maintained for your picking.

We look forward to you visiting our family owned orchard today. You may reach us at 540-586-2436.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Gross Orchard

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